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Why Frendi?

Freelance In Your Spare Time

Frendi® allows you to utilize your most important asset… your knowledge! Maximize your expertise on your own time, at your own ease!

Organize and Track Your Workflow

Create your team and allocate the incoming tasks. Track each person’s performance and accrue positive ratings for your business based on each team member’s individual performance!

Increase Visibility

Frendi® is a new touch point between your business and potential customers. Increase your company’s visibility by listing your business with us and target a new emerging audience.

Frendi®… New Solutions To Old Problems

Frendi® - a comprehensive mobile application specifically created to save time, money, and peace of mind for customers. We aim to bring any and all imaginable types of services to your fingertips.

Frendi® is evolving the way service professionals connect with customers and opportunities to complete daily and long term projects. With our application, customers can find and vet local, quality service professionals, book appointments online, receive specialized offers and discounts, and more.

Our Features

Market Yourself and Your Business

Take this opportunity to increase your company’s online presence and engage with customers.

Live Chat

Direct communication is key to reaching an agreement with customers. Ask questions about a job post, request clearer pictures, make a counter offer, and more with our Live Chat feature!

Online booking

The online booking feature streamlines services that can be unnecessarily time consuming. Minimize your wait times and get the relaxation time you deserve.

Choose Who You Work With

We give service providers the ability to review customers too! Punctuality, prompt payment, hospitality, communication, and other customer qualities might affect your preference of who’s jobs you would like to bid on.

Monetize and Organize With Events

Invite groups of people to reserve spots for classes, meetings, conferences, talks, training, seminars, and more directly through the Frendi App

Easy Bidding

With our easy-to-use bidding process, Frendi® only brings opportunities and jobs related to the categories that you choose. Sit back and let the opportunities come to you!

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